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  1. Love your illustrations-especially Franklin. I am a big fan of Franklin and I do have one of the books you illustrared.
    pauline (Joanie’s mom)

  2. Hi John:

    Love your work. I am trying to teach myself to paint watercolors. Not really talented and hope to take lessons. Always admire such wonderful talent.

    Joan (Joan’s Aunt)the old one

  3. I like your funny Mumfie illustration. I’d like you to do several pictures of Mumfie and the other characters on the show.

    • HI Ashley,
      Thanks so much, and thank you for recognizing those characters! Not many people would remember that show.
      I’m a little bogged down at the moment, but when I have a chance I will try to find and post more pictures of Mumfie. If you do want a doodle-for-hire, contact me and we can discuss the details!
      Thanks again for visiting and come back soon!



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