Dear Good People,

Sorry for such the long hiatus! It’s been a busy couple of years, with both work and play. I hope you have all been well!

In the process of some much needed office cleaning, I stumbled across a bin full of old animation art. The two I posted are development sketches (well, pre-production work) for a show called The Magical Adventures of Mumfie. I worked on this particular episode in 1998 as a designer and I think, as an Assistant Director (which meant I helped out with many different departments).

The design is of a clock room in a palace (the irony, considering my most recent hobby 😉 ). In the first drawing, you can see I’ve sketched a clock and pasted it to the background. I did a few different clock designs as far as I can remember, but I don’t think I kept any of the other ones.

Clockroom_001 SML Clockroom_002 SML


The goal for me while doing these designs, was to become comfortable drawing ellipses (the bane of an artist’s existence). So, what better way to do that than draw them with a fine tip felt pen! Talk about self-torture!

As you can see, the results turned out all right – and I became much better for it.





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