Greetings and salutations! My apologies once again, for taking so much time between posts. Work can get in the way of life, you know!

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Anyways, I was asked to do a couple of sketches for a friend’s manga concept; so I started with this little scene. It’s a giant robot/mecha suit floating around a desert-like planet (no, not dessert). I started in Autodesk Sketchbook Pro with the rough line work, then quickly laid out some grey tones and finally, a colour sketch (which I cleaned up and monkeyed with in Photoshop as well). You can see in the colour sketch how I modified a few of the elements (added another robot, removed the running characters, lowered the horizon).

Turns out, my colleague is looking for something a little different than what I ended up with; which is why I am able to post this here and now. I’ve decided to keep this piece for myself, and produce a higher resolution and finished version of it later in the summer (hopefully in time for an exhibition).

Hope you like it!


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