Oh dear, another shameful, yet somehow typical story of unpaid artists and workers in general.

Variety columnist David S. Cohen writes about a VFX studio in Montreal called Fake Studio (gee, that name is foreshadowing). Cohen hits the nail on the head when he writes “…the false premise that people start vfx companies to be business owners. Most people who go into vfx do it for the same reason people become actors: They love the work. But when they fail as businessmen, the result is too often misery.”

All too often, businesses fall into debt and hope to pay it off by reaping future revenues. This in turn becomes a vicious cycle.

Read the full article here!


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  1. Interesting…..I know someone who worked for a couple of companies working on gaming websites that failed to make payroll. He got guilted into staying with them…with the promise of huge quantities of money when the website was finished. Of course….both times, this never happened. Both companies went bankrupt.
    His sister, who is an accountant, told him, “If a company can’t make payroll, run!” There’s no hope once it comes to that. The artists should stick together on this. No pay, no work! Would you expect someone to fix your car for free?
    I think they often hire friends so they can lay a guilt trip on them if they bail.


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