June 1, 2010

Anime North 2010

This past saturday, I attended the 2010 edition of Anime North. I was overwhelmed by the attendance and the scope of all the programming. One of the surprises to me was the number of costumes. It was fun to see all the different characters fans came dressed up as – even if I couldn’t name the majority of them (I’m really old school Anime you know, ’80s stuff). I tip my hat off to all the staff involved with making this function a success.

There was a lot to see and do, for Anime fans and newbies alike. The dealer’s area was probably the busiest (we love to buy stuff, don’t we?). Other presentations included Japanese wrestling, voice acting, writing, drawing for Manga, workshops on sword fighting and many various screenings. Everything you could possibly imagine related to Anime had some representation.

Another thing I’d like to mention in particular is the artist’s alley. It was great to see such a high calibre of skill and talent.

If you plan on attending next year, bring comfy shoes and lots of water! Oh, and a large shopping bag to carry all your goodies.


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